14th Sep 2023

Our bigger, better Ramsey Group Practice team

A GP isn't always the best person to see for every issue. Modern-day GP practices have lots of different specialists because we all need lots of different types of care nowadays, not all of which a GP can provide. 

You can still see a GP of course but some things are done better or faster by other health professionals which we're lucky to have at RGP. Sometimes you may not even need to come to the practice at all. Local pharmacies offer advice and treatment for many minor illnesses and you don’t need an appointment. And for anything non-clinical, the Northern Wellbeing Partnership team can help. 

Please give our admin team as much information as you can when you call for an appointment so we can look at the information you give us and decide the most suitable person for you to see and when they are available. 

Thanks for your support as always - Dr W J Cowie and the Ramsey Team.